Death Literacy Monthly Meetup


This group is for anyone who wants to take a practical approach to planning for big changes in life, whether it’s injury, illness, job loss, or death. We meet once per month.


Here is how it works

Each month I will provide information on a topic related to family emergency preparedness or end of life planning, as outlined in our Life Legacy Checklist. You will receive a worksheet in advance to help you keep notes, and to track your progress.

This is a participatory group; the more you contribute, the more you will get out of the discussion. There will be things to ponder during the discussion, reflection questions on your worksheet for afterwards, and some simple tasks you may choose to complete during the upcoming month.

At the end of each session you will set a goal. At the beginning of each session we review the previous month’s progress. It’s important for us to be accountable, but also to analyse how things went. There is as much (or more) value in failure as there is in success, so no judgement here!


Here is why it works

Denying we’re mortal is not useful and worrying about what-if’s is stressful. Death Literacy offers a simplified and practical approach for getting a life legacy plan in place.

Death Literacy provides a lifelong strategy for working on your preparedness in small manageable tasks that even the busiest person can find time for. Because planning for end of life is not something we do once and never have to address again. It’s always a work in progress. Our decisions, discussions, and documentation shift at the rate of change in our lives. Busy, changing lives require simple, easily modifiable plans.

No more worrying about what level of care you will get if you cannot communicate your wishes yourself. No more wondering about what will happen to those you care about or what happens to your stuff when you’re gone. This is the year you break away from the 80% of Canadians who do not have a valid end of life plan. This is the year you become part of the 20% who are good to go!


The annual subscription gets you access to many new resources we create throughout the year, including e-books, checklists, and guided worksheets. Subscribers will also receive a discount on many of our products and services.

A la carte: You may also opt to pay for each month separately. Payment will be due before the beginning of each session. All registration is currently done via Meetup.


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