Your Life Legacy Checklist

By Gina Vliet

A good end of life plan contains more than a Will and a funeral package. You want to be prepared for aging, illness, and injury, which is just as important as estate planning.

Why call it a Life Legacy Checklist? Because calling it an end of life plan doesn’t cover all the bits before the end! And I think we can all agree the stuff in between here and there are more important than the end itself.

Want to know what’s on the list? Take 35 minutes to watch the video. It outlines what it takes to be ready for the unexpected and the inevitable and how to maintain that plan as your life changes.

By the end of this information session you will be able to:

 Explain what a life legacy checklist is

 List the 12 items included

 Outline a plan for getting your own plan updated


Don’t wait until you HAVE to plan, do something now. Because something is better than nothing.