We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to giv eyou more information about Charon Consulting and the services we offer.

Change is uncomfortable, and frankly, most of us are never prepared for it, would like to avoid it, or expend much of our energy complaining about it. And during times of change we don’t necessarily have that energy to waste. 

Charon Consulting uses proven change management methodology to help you get through life’s little adventures with energy to spare. 

Whether it’s a business change, an unexpected emergency, or a major life transition, we take the potentially complicated and overwhelming and break it down into the simple and easy to manage, providing tools and guidance that fit into any schedule. 

Death Literacy is learning about the various aspects of your mortality. Being Death Literate means you have acknowledged you are going to die some day and have taken steps to get yourself sorted for the inevitable. It’s giving yourself and those you care about more room to enjoy life in the present.

Think of family emergency preparedness like a first aid kit or a fire evacuation plan. You will be more able to deal with an emergency if you have the right things on hand and have thought about what to do ahead of time.