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We believe change and end of life don’t have to be uncomfortable topics.

When we plan for the unexpected and explore the inevitability of death, we allow more life into our lives. On this site, you will discover opportunities to learn about various aspects of dying and death. You will be given the tools to act on that information in a practical way. Consider this your one stop shop for end of life planning. Whether you are contemplating what death means to you, preparing for a major life change, determining your support team, getting things documented, or finding a way to have important conversations around dying and death, we can help.

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The path is before you. Take it one step at a time, and you will accomplish something wonderful – peace of mind about a good death, which in turn contributes to a good life. Do them in order, or whichever feels right to you. Do a little, do a lot, but just get started. You will be glad you did.

Your Death Education

Knowledge is power! Learn about death and dying

Your Emergency Planning and Preparation

Be proactive! Plan for the unexpected loss of health/income

Your Life and Death Support Team

It takes a village! Choose the right people for the job

Your Funeral Planning

Reduce stress! Plan ahead to make it easier for everyone

Your Documentation

Write it down! Get your documentation ducks in a row

Your Important Conversations

Talk about it! Communicate your plans and final wishes

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We offer consultation services in estate planning, executorship, life transition and end of life planning.  We begin with a free discovery session, and from there, based on your needs, we can recommend what would be the most valuable services.

We also offer both personal and business change management support. Our suite of services includes stakeholder engagement, communication strategies, and training design, where we specialize in onboarding and succession planning. 

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